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Image by Sarah Doffman

Advanced Technology with Traditional Skills

Spintec Metal Spinning are renowned for and dedicated to offering rigorous standards for customer service, quality and craftmanship.

Here at Spintec, based in the Heart of the Midlands Industrial area, our work force has over 40 years experience in

  • Hand Spinning


  • Manual Hydraulic Spinning

Spintec now has one of the largest selections of standard spinning formers within the UK to produce dished ends, hemispheres and flat flanged ends upto 2000mm in diameter.

We've been recognised and selected as a preferred partner on a wide range of high profile and critical projects.


For the last decade, Spintec have been offering a number of metal forming services:

  • General Metal Spinning Services with PNC/PLB Control

  • Dished Ends

  • Hemispheres

  • Presswork & Light Assemblies​

  • Tooling Design & Maintenance

  • Precision Machined Parts

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